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We need your help. We can't find enough stupid liberal comments. Desperation has set in. Sure, we find lots of disagreeable and wordy left-leaning comments, but the site is not called Obtuse Galore. Heck, we found this next gem while trolling through the heart of the MSM beast. What's more commie-loving, lefty-leaning, America-hating than CBS News? Please, e-mail your stupid liberal comments to stupidgalore@gmail.com
In the meantime, check out this piece of racist crap.

From the cbsnews.com story: Obama: "I Can Go to My Right, but I Prefer My Left"

by sandy1973 1 April 1, 2010 5:34 PM EDT in response to an earlier question:Tell us about your successful business

I run a minority owned business I live in Chicago, breed with as many ladies as possible - never marry - only sex enough to get the welfare for my one nighter girls and kids. Oh and under the table I sell a few illegal items. Now my Bro is getting me and my ladies Health Care too ! Obama da Man !

Oh sandy1973! You know the worst thing about this comment? OK, clearly the subhuman racism would be #1. But #2? You just don't commit to the hatred. Where's the passion sandy1973? How about a few more pimp jokes? I don't see one "ho" in here. If you're going to use ebonics, or any patois for that matter, you must stay in that voice throughout, or it just becomes satire and we all know how gay that is.

We here at Stupid Galore see a lot of racism in the comment world, and despite your obvious desire to hate, you're just not ready for the big time. We suggest you start small. Maybe post something about how you think Obama is an "Arab, socialist-loving, monkey" on your local newspaper's website. That way you'll blend in and get a chance to work out all the kinks. It's not going to happen overnight. Be patient sandy1973 and remember: Rome wasn't destroyed by stupidity and hatred in one day.

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